Monday, 3 January 2011

Finished trousers

Finished the trousers, jacket next

Taking up the hem

Taking up the trouser hem

Waistband button

Fitting the waistband button

Designing the waist band

Drawing the pattern

Fitting the waistband

Working on the fly

Marking out the button

Finished sewing on the buttons and finshed the button holes

Sewing the legs

Pinning the leg seams before sewing

 Setting the seams with cold water and a hot iron to fix

Finished seams including back pocket flap

Work on the pockets begin

 Cutting and work started on stitching pockets

Inside pocket

Setting into the front leg

Black pocket double welt

Finished double welt

The Trousers

Marking out of the trouser patter

Finished waistcoat

The finished waistcoat, fitting like a glove